Foreign Language Department
Academic Leader
Professor Wu Xiufang, the winner of Lifelong Achievement Award given by the State Department, doctor of Leipzig University in Germany, advisor of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. She has ever been the person in charge of preparation for German Embassy Education Department, head of Central Vocational Education Research Institute, vice dean of Education Management Center. Professor Wu is making efforts to establish a foreign language college with a new style.
Foreign Trade English, Business English

Teaching Feature
The college fully takes advantage of language superiority, uses advanced teaching methods, carries out the teaching modes such as “select on one’s own, dynamic state; combination of certificates and skills, circulation of dual certificate”, and coordinates language practice teaching methods such as music and video teaching, activity teaching, multi-media teaching and basic training of listening, speaking, reading and writing, tries to make courses in line with international education standards. In order to improve the comprehensive quality and language applying ability of the students, the college holds many activities regularly such as English Speech Contest, English Corner, Foreign Language Lecture, Appreciation of Overseas Movies, Exchanges of China and foreign countries.
Objectives of Training
Foreign Trade English: The compound advanced talents who have the potential ability to be engaged in foreign trade translation, management and foreign trade practices.
Business English: The compound advanced talents who have the ability to be engaged in international business activities.
International Cooperation
The college has established the partnership with 12 universities from England, Germany, Singapore, Australia and more than 50 educational institutes in China. The college selects the relating textbooks and training courses from abroad, offers systematic training in line with the international, proceeds the visiting students and academic exchanges, and provides perfect and fast route of entering higher school. Foreign Language College for preparation will set up Japanese major and German major based on the international cooperation.

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Foreign Language Department