School of Information and Control Engineering
School of Information and Control Engineerin
Kong Xiang-Dong Music Arts College
International Business & Management College (IBMC)
Foreign Language Department

Leader of the Discipline:
  Professor Ni Hong, the principal of the school, has well experienced in teaching and management of laboratory works.
Computer Science and Application(Network and Control Technology), Computer Software Technology(Application Program Development)
The faculty is composed of professors and experts, about 40% of which have already acquired the certificates of Microsoft System Manager, IBM E-business Master and E-administration Master, Huawei and 3COM Network Master, Macromedia Multimedia Designer and Senior Programmer authorized by the Labor Department.

College Diploma with Vocational Certificates:
  The teaching system includes certification of professional competence by the Labor Department and international vocational skills. And it will adapt to the changing requirements of enterprises by adding more course modules to help to develop students' practical abilities. Up till now, above 60% of sophomores have been authorized certificates by IBM & Microsoft.

Certification and Training Authorization:
We have developed many training centers, such as Shanghai "Grey-collar" profession training center, Shanghai Professional Skills Authentication Center Nanhui Sub-center, Shanghai E-commerce Training Center, ATA Company authorized Test Center, IBM Software China Certificate and Training Center, AUEC-IBM Software Institute Authorized Training Center.
  Software Application and Maintenance, Computer System Application and Maintenance, elementary software coding and maintenance, Operation and Maintenance Engineer, Driver R&D Engineer, Software Engineer, Plane Designer, Software Test and Quality Maintenance Engineer, Product Release Engineer, Webpage Creation and Maintenance, Webpage Designer, Website Management and Maintenance, Computer Engineer, Database manager, Graphics Creator, Multimedia Maker, Network Installation and Test Engineer, Animation Maker, E-commerce R&D and application staff, etc.
Cooperation with Enterprises:
The Shanghai Suoe-sipo Software Training Base has been established to provide simulated software development environment for in-school students in order to get them recruited by the Suoe and other IT companies.
  Some of the sophomores have already signed agreements with Suoe Company and undertaken certain company duties, such as website creation and management.
  The Ruijie Network management Training Base is established to provide certification of network support engineer, senior network engineer, senior testing engineer, network design engineer, senior network design engineer, network expert, as well as training for The National Information Engineer Certificate. The Ruijie Company will recruit excellent graduating students or provide employment recommendation.
Some of the sophomores have already employed by Shanghai Dewei Industrial Company (a Sino-Japan Joint Venture) as formal employers and taken the post of website maintenance.
  We also have set up internship base in China Tietong and developed solid cooperative mechanism with Shanghai Venus Software Company, Shanghai Mingyu Industrial Company and other IT companies to provide professional practice and opportunities of project R&D for students as a kind of order-made education.

  We offer opportunities of attending various large international expos for students. Take an example. 55 students have undertaken the task of visitors' data input and all other information-related works in the 15the East China Import & Export Commodity Fair (2005 shanghai).

In-school Practice Base
  There are Software Practice Base, Network Practice Base, Hardware Maintenance Practice Base and Electronic Practice Base in the school. Students have showed great enthusiasm towards such kind of teaching method with combination of professional practice and textbook theory.