Mr Wang Weixian, 41, who has two Bachelor Degrees, is chairman of the Board of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. He is also president of Shanghai SPG Ltd., president of Shanghai Kangqiao Peninsula Property Development Ltd, director of Madam Song Fund Association, and vice-chairman of Shanghai Green Union Council.
  Professor Yang Jintu, 68,communist, is chancellor of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. He is associate chairman of Association of Chinese Professional Education and director of its Academic Committee, consultant of National Higher Vocational Education Research Organization and National Talent-training Committee of Higher Vocational Education, and former director of Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education.
  Yu Zhongwen, 59, researcher & communist, is senior consultant of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. He is associate chairman of Association of Chinese Vocational Education, who has the special subsidy of State Council. Meanwhile, he is president of SZPT(Shenzhen Polytechnic) and secretary of SZPT Party Commission. He managed to be in charge of the seminar, ‘ The Research and Practice of Vocational Education Standard’, which is awarded the 1st Prize of National Education Achievements.
  Professor Cheng Yonglin, 65, communist, is consultant of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. He is also former director of Professional Education Institute of Shanghai.
  Professor Wu Xiufang, fomer associate director of the Central Professional Education Institute, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner of State Council, doctor of Leipzig University, former leadership of Westen Language& Literature Department of Beijing University, construction-leader of Education Department of German Embassy, vice director of Education Management Information Center. She is the first person to have introduced ‘dual’ Vocational Training Systems from Germany.
  Professor Pan Jiajun, 55, communist, is representative of legal entity and president of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic, general secretary of Communist Party Committee of Sipo, president of the Board of Trustees of Sipo Education Development Ltd. He is former dean and the department chairman of Shanghai Commercial Polytechnic, former dean of Shanghai Finance and Trade Communist School & Shanghai Finance and Trade Manager College, department chairman and dean of Shanghai Commercial Polytechnic, associate director of Shanghai Teacher-training Center for the education of polytechnic and junior colleges in China.
  Professor Gu Zhongjian, 65, is associate president of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. He is a communist who has special subsidy of State Council. He is former dean and director of Mechanism Department and Higher Education Research Office of Metallurgy Polytechnic, specialized in the research of theory and application of solid lubricant. He managed to preside the research of quality appraisal system of junior college education in the charge of the Ministry of Education, which is awarded 'Shanghai Excellent Education Achievement' for many times.
  Professor Yao Dawei, 49, communist, is president of International Business and Management College of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic, associate president of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic. He is awarded ‘Shanghai Excellent Teacher’. He is commissioner and director of National Examination Center of International Commercial Document, director of committee of proposition experts of national foreign trade transportation and storage certificate, vice-director of National Training and Examination Office of International Free Forwarder, and member of China's Committee of Experts of Freight Agent Certificate of FIATA.
  Liu Wei, 47, graduate student, is assistant of president and director of Training Center of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic.  
  Lu Xinyu, 58, economy researcher and communist, is vice-general secretary of Communist Party Committee, assistant of president, and chairman of Labour Union of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic.
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