Located in Nanhui Science & Education Park in Pudong of Shanghai, Sipo is the full-time private institute authorized by Shanghai government in March 2003. According to the philosophy of Sipo (Everybody has its potential, and it is Sipo’s pursuance to help every student to succeed). Meanwhile, the institute attaches great importance to the integration of theory with actual training and practice, and with equal emphasis on the needs of society.
  Professor Yang Jintu, Associate Chairman of Association of Chinese Professional Education and Director of its Academic Committee, is the chancellor of Sipo. Professor Pan Jiajun, is the president of Sipo. Professor Gu Zhongjian,the former dean of Metallurgy Polytechnic, who has special subsidy of State Council, is the vice-president. Professor Yao Dawei, the commissioner and director of National Examination Center of International Commercial Document, and the vice-director of National Training and Examination Office of International Free Forwarder, is the vice-President of Sipo. Professor Wu Xiufang, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner of State Council,former associate director of the Central Professional Education Institute and Professor Cheng Yonglin, former director of Professional Education Institute of Shanghai serve as the consultants of the institute. Professor Yu Zhongwen, associate chairman of Association of Chinese Professional Education, is the senior consultant of Sipo.
  At present, Sipo has about 1300 students, and a faculty of 160, including 70 full-time teachers, and 30 part-time teachers.
  The overall investment of the institute amounts to 260 million RMB, of which 14.5 million is made for teaching equipment and apparatus. The campus space is about 33 hectares and the total floor area of Sipo is close to 100,000 square meters. Students’ dormitory is able to provide 4,000 beds for students and the Training Center 500 beds for trainees. The buildings of Art Center, Movie Art, Hotel Management Training Center, Trade & Logistic Training Center and Foreign Language Center are to be completed in 2005.
  Sipo has 5 subsidiary schools and one department. They are: Schools of Art Design, International Business and Management, International Nursing, Information and Control Engineering and Kong Xiangdong Music Art, and the Dept. of Foreign Languages. The establishment of some other subsidiary schools is undergoing, they are: Hotel Management, Huashan Movie Art, Foreign Languages, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Material Engineering, Soft Engineering. Meanwhile, Sipo is developing 20 majors such as Economic Trade, Information Technology, Nursing, Applied Art, Engineering Technology and Foreign Languages, etc.
  Sipo is in cooperation with not only about 50 domestic certificate higher education institutes and companies but also 12 overseas universities in U.K., U.S.A., Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Holland, Singapore, and Malaysia. Introducing their advanced vocational appraisal courses has been helpful for us for building up professional training and practice center. Sipo is now one of the ‘grey collar’ vocation training centers acknowledged by Shanghai municipal government, the computer technology exam station in Nanhui Area under Shanghai Vocational Ability Appraisal Center, the Shanghai E-commerce English language exams. National Exam Center of International Commercial Documents, Shanghai Training Station of International Free Forwarder and WTO Fair Trade.Sipo has introduced several vocational qualification programs as those in the field of IT, English and nursing, etc. Sipo has also set up about 150 domestic and foreign testing programs.
School of Information and Control Engineerin
Kong Xiang-Dong Music Arts College
International Business & Management College (IBMC)
Foreign Language Department